8 Easy Exercise Ideas for Obese People

 Being able to exercise freely may not be an option for people who are overweight. However, an exercise that is suitable for obese people is functional exercise, which is a physical activity that is similar to daily movements.

The point is that by getting used to doing this functional movement, the strength also increases. So, it is a big mistake if there is an assumption that there is no exercise for obese people.

8 Easy Exercise Ideas for Obese People

Types of exercise for obese people

The goal of exercise for obese people is to improve balance, strength while optimizing mobility. Exercise that is suitable for obese people is a type of light movement, with no need to be too high-intensity.

Here are some moves that are worth trying:

1. Go up and downstairs

When doing daily activities, of course, there are times when someone needs to go up or downstairs. In addition, it is also possible to walk on a surface that tends to rise or fall. Therefore, an exercise that is suitable for obese people is going up and downstairs.

To practice this functional movement, take advantage of the stairs at home. Go up with your right foot, followed by your left, then down alternately. This movement can be repeated 10 times.

Don't forget to keep your balance on the banister or wall. This movement needs balance because there is a phase when only one foot is supported on the floor.

When you're done, repeat the same set with a different leg sequence. Try doing this exercise every day to be strong as well as balance. Slowly when the balance is more trained, you can try this movement without holding on.

2. Sit and stand

The next exercise for obese people is no less often done every day, namely the process from sitting to standing and vice versa. On average, a person will perform this movement about 10 times for various purposes from sitting on the toilet to work.

To practice, use a chair to sit down and return to standing for 8 times. If necessary, stay on the handle of the chair to maintain balance.

Once you get used to it, increase the number of repetitions of the movement and try to practice balance without holding on at all. Even later when you get stronger, you can stop a few inches above the chair so that you can do squats. This will strengthen the leg muscles as well as the stomach.

3. Walk

One of the easiest and most effective exercises to adopt a healthy lifestyle is walking. This light-intensity movement can be done anywhere, even when it is not possible to leave the house though. No need to target tens of thousands of steps, just start by walking slowly to help burn calories.

4. Water sports

The bonus when exercising in water is that the pressure of the water helps support your weight, so you'll feel lighter. In addition, water also reduces pressure on joints. That's why sometimes obese people feel more comfortable moving in the water than walking normally.

5. Static bike with backrest

For people who are overweight, sitting up straight in a bicycle saddle may be difficult. Because the strength of the abdominal muscles is still limited. Not to mention the pressure that appears in the lower back.

The solution is to try a stationary bicycle with a backrest. Also known as a recumbent bike, this is a worthy choice of exercise for obese people. This movement can train the muscles in the lower body.

6. Seated slides

Exercise movements for other obese people can also be strength-building exercises. One of the recommendations for those who are just starting to exercise is the seated slides.

The trick is to sit in a chair, with your feet on a paper plate. Then, slide back and forth alternately. This movement will activate the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh.

7. Leg extension

Sticking with the chair, start by sitting up straight and lifting your right leg. Then, straighten your legs while activating the muscles. Repeat this movement 10 times, alternating with the other side. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles in the front of the thigh.

8. Lat pull the band

While sitting in a chair, hold the resistance band with both hands raised up. Then, lower your right arm down so that your elbow is close to your chest. This movement will provide a stretch in the back area. Do this movement 10 times on each side.

Each of the above movements can train the strength of both the upper and lower body. But remember every time before starting exercise, first consult with your doctor. Because there may be other conditions that make a person more susceptible to injury.

The point is that staying active will make the muscles more trained. Not only will it help you lose weight, it will also have an impact on improving your quality of life.

Don't forget to stay focused on what you can do, not torturing yourself or even comparing yourself to other people's achievements.

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