[11+] BEST Free Fire Tips & Tricks 2022 for Become A Pro Player

11+ Best free fire tips and tricks 2022

All the tricks are based on the user experiences and they are effective. It helps the players to play a fun full gaming experience. 

11+ Best free fire tips and tricks 2022

here is the list of 11 Best free fire tips & tricks

1. Calw Control

Claw control free fire tips and tricks

However, this is best to use them all thumb in layout while playing Free Fire. There is no extra setting for claw control but you can handle the claw-like pro since the game doesn’t have any complications and any setting in-game mechanisms. 

You can quickly handle yourself to the claw controls in Free Fire, unlike PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile.

2. Settings & Sensitivity

best dating free fire tips and tricks

The total reaction time in Free Fire is totally dependent on the sensitivity settings. So the most important thing in the reaction time is sensitivity. 

It is, therefore, essential to figure out which sensitivity settings are suitable for your play style. if you copy anyone setting that can be a big mistake for your gameplay.

For Adjust your sensitivity settings which are perfect according to your device. On low-power devices like  2 GB RAM, make the sensitivity to the minimum otherwise play at default sensitivity.

General: 100
Red Dot: 30
2x Scope: 52
4x Scope: 66
AWM Scope: 82.

3. Take Fights in the Shrink Zone

Take fights in the shrink zone

More than 80% of Free Fire(ff) players get confused and nervous when the shrink zone is near, even if it is only the starting one, and that time disengages from a fight midway. you need to concentrate your mind on the enemy.

We suggest you go take fights when you have the best advantage or else retreat at once. Give the most priority to the zones only in the last end circles, which is the most important time to get the win.

4. Best Aim Precision

 Best aim precision

In this game, the most important factor is the aim. If your aim is so weak then use the default aim precision, which is available in your game setting. and with the scope, is recommended.

In turn, you will take more headshots, and the crosshair will automatically move towards your target side. The steps of an auto headshot are mostly crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch, and fire.

This feature is same similar to the aim-assist feature in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile.

5. Never Unnecessarily Jump-Shoot

Most Free Fire players often do unnecessary Jump-shoot. it's no need for a jump shot but most player takes the jump shot. To be able to come out on the top while they using jump-shot, the most important thing is your jump needs to be well calculated. 

It is most important to note that this fancy move can mess up your total aim entirely. Therefore, why before using this in ranked mode, play ana practice in custom rooms, and practice it until you get it right.

6. Never loot in the open

Never loot in the open

Every Free Fire player wants to get loot fast in that situation they go for loot in the open, But that is the wrong decision for every player. 

Every time players need attention to all situations. when the player goes for loot always choose a cover place for loot that helps there for win the match.

7. Sniping Improves Your Aim

Sniping improves your aim

Another way to get yourself to be a better player in Free Fire is to learn and focus to snipe. A sniper is required to take down opponents without any mistake from a distance without getting into any up-close shorts where the risk of losing a teammate is very high.

8. Look at the Game Map from Time to Time

Look at the game map from time to time

when the player is in the game it is most important to look at the map from time to time. some player gives most of the time to get a fight but that time they forget to look at the map. At that time players realized the value of time. so when we are in the game we need to look at the map from time to time.

9. Get loot faster

Get loot faster

Players must be careful while they loot essential supplies and powerful weapons and must never loot from an exposed area or a loot hotspot. Players must loot the buildings and the shelters 1st before heading out. They must focus on survival rather than pushing at enemies from the very beginning of the match.

it's totally fast like supercomputers

10. Aiming from a Distance

Aiming from a distance

some players take the fight in the close area in that condition the most important thing is to make distance from the enemy and take a fight that is the most important thing .so  always make distance enemy and take fight carefully for the win.


In above tips and tricks we have discussed the 11 BEST Free Fire Tips & Tricks 2022 for Become A Pro Player. Hope you enjoy the article thanks for reading.

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