Top 10 IT Companies In Australia in 2023 By Revenue & Market Capitalization.

Top 10 IT Companies In Australia

Australia may not be home to tech bulk like Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and Google, but It nevertheless has some veritably Superb technology companies of its own.

The list of Top 10 best IT companies in Australia based on Total Revenue and Market capitalization. In this article, we discuss the top 10 IT companies in Australia. IT companies are playing the most valuable character in the IT Industry in Australia.

In Australia, big technology companies like Atlassian, Afterpay, REA Group, and Xero Ltd are growing rapidly in the global IT industry.

Top 10 best IT companies in Australia

List of top 10 IT companies in Australia

1. Atlassian


Atlassian is one of the fastest-growing Australian IT companies founded in 2002 by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar

Its market cap is US$51.57 billion, as of October 2023 although listed on the NASDAQ, not the ASX, Atlassian has garnered worldwide attention for its rapid growth up the ranks of global technology stocks.

With a market cap in excess of $65 billion, it would sit safely in the S&P/ASX50

Atlassian produces software that helps teams work together more efficiently and effectively. The company provides project planning and management software, collaboration tools, and IT help desk solutions.

In October 2023 The company's market cap. $51.57 billion with this Atlassian is ranked 1st position in our list of the top 10 IT companies in Australia in 2023 by Revenue and Market Capitalization.

CEO:- Mike Cannon-Brookes
Headquarters:- Sydney, Australia
Revenue:- $3.53B (2023)
Market Cap:- $51.57B
Employees:- 6000+

2. Afterpay


Afterpay is the most trusted international payment platform, built to enable financial wellness for the next generation of shoppers. Consumers receive products immediately, pay in 4 interest-free installments, and are rewarded for paying on time. 

Nowadays Afterpay is offered by over 55,000 of the world’s best retailers and has more than 10 million active customers globally. The service is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom where it is called Clearpay.

In Aug. 2023 the company's revenue was $21.1 billion which helped the company to list its name in (OTCMKTS), and now the company's market cap. was $30 billion.

CEO:- Anthony Eisen
Headquarters:- Melbourne, Australia
Revenue:- $21.1 billion
Market Cap:- $30 billion 
Employees:- 4000+

3. Xero Ltd

Xero Ltd.

Xero is a New Zealand–domiciled public technology company that is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses, it has over 2.7 million subscribers in over 180 countries.

Xero is listed on the ASX but is headquartered in Wellington New Zealand. With a total revenue of $1.1 billion In 2023, Xero Ltd. was listed in the list of best IT companies in Australia by its revenue and market capitalization

CEO:- Steve Vamos 
Headquarters:- Wellington, New Zealand
Revenue:- $1.1 billion (2023)
Market Cap:- 20.671B
Employees:- 3,642 (2021)

4. REA Group

REA Group

REA Group Ltd and its subsidiary companies, known as the REA Group, make up a global online real estate advertising company. REA Group is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with subsidiary offices in Wanchai, Gurugram, India, and  Hong Kong. 

REA Group, innovated in 1995, is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX REA) and maturity- possessed by News Corp Australia, an attachment of News Corp. 

With revenue of $928 million (2021) REA group was the most valuable company in Australia in 2021. the company receives many awards in Australia for its great achievements. In 2023 companies' total market capitalization is near about $20.41B.

CEO:- Owen Wilson
Headquarters:- Richmond, Australia
Revenue:- 92.8 crores AUD (2021)
Market Cap:- 20.41B
Employees:- 3000+

5. WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global is an Australian IT company. WiseTech Global has a Big Software program named CargoWise that gives opportunity to its customers real-time data visibility of their freight operations. 

it's cloud-based and has customers in 160 countries, so it’s properly global, too. Huge businesses need this kind of supply chain oversight, and WiseTech Global’s customers are some of the biggest, with all the top 25 global freight forwarders in their customer base.

With $507.50M in revenue, it was listed in the list of top 100 IT companies in Australia by their revenue and market capitalization.

CEO:- Richard White
Headquarters:- Sydney, Australia
Revenue:- $507.50M
Market Cap:- 9.55B
Employees:- 3860+

6. Computershare Ltd

Computershare Ltd

Computershare Limited is an Australian stock transfer company that provides stock transfer, corporate trust, and employee share plan services in a number of 21 different countries. the company has more than 14,000 employees and its revenue is 2.38B.

Nowadays the company share keeps growing and investors are excited to invest in this company therefore in 2021 the company's total market capitalization is more than 11.54B and it always keeps growing.

With a total revenue of $3.2B and a total market capitalization of $15.71B Computershare Ltd was the 6th best Australian IT company in 2023.

CEO:- Stuart Irving
Headquarters:- Abbotsford, Australia
Revenue:- $2.38B
Market Cap:- $15.71B
Employees:- 14,000+

7. Ltd Ltd

In 1997 was founded and launched its website, led by Greg Roebuck and Wal Pisciotta. Nowadays is an Australian online marketplace that specializes in automotive, motorcycle, and marine classifieds business in Australia. The head office is located in the City of Yarra.

the company's total revenue is near about $326.5 million and its total market capitalization is nearly $10.6B, with its market capitalization is listed in 7th position on the list of top 10 best IT companies in Australia in 2023.

CEO:- Cameron McIntyre
Headquarters:- Richmond, Australia
Revenue:- $326.5 million
Market Cap:- $10.6B
Employees:- 1000+



NEXTDC has a network of data centers and guarantees its customers 100% uptime. This is a massive deal when its customers are businesses such as Telstra, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

NEXTDC offers cloud, connectivity, technical service, and data center solutions to its customers. It’s recognized as Australia’s most reliable data centres provider.

the company's total revenue is near about $362.45Million which is growing rapidly every year and its total market capitalization is about 6.32B which makes it the 8th best IT company in Australia in 2023.

CEO:- Craig Ian Scroggie
Headquarters:- Brisbane, Australia 
Revenue:- $362.45 million.
Market Cap:- 6.32B
Employees:- 2000+

9. Link Admin HLDG

Link Admin HLDG

Founded in New Zealand in 2005, Link Administration Holdings (AH), also known as Link Group, was originally a share registry business within an accounting firm. 

Today, it has its headquarters in Australia and administers financial data and delivers information solutions for companies and large asset owners globally.

Link Group’s core business consists of fund administration and securities registration and it is the biggest provider of services in Australia's superannuation fund administration industry. It has over 7,500+ employees working across 18 jurisdictions.

the company's total revenue is near about $895.89Million which is growing rapidly every year and its total market capitalization is about 4.8B which makes it the 8th best IT company in Australia.

CEO:- Vivek Bhatia
Headquarters:- New South Wales, Australia
Revenue:- $895.89Million
Market Cap:- 4.8B
Employees:- 3800

10. Trimantium GrowthOps

Trimantium GrowthOps

Trimantium GrowthOps is an entrepreneurial advisory and operations company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a secondary location in Sydney.

It was founded in 2012 and now has a team of about 200 that provides cloud consulting & SI, web development, mobile app development,  web design, and more to clients across a range of industries.

CEO:- Clint Cooper
Headquarters:- Melbourne, Australia
Revenue:- $124 Million
Employees:- 1000

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