11+ Leading Cannabis Business Social Network of 2022

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the cannabis business social network.

Over the past five years, the cannabis industry has grown tremendously. The upward growth in this sector and related industries will continue as regulatory regimes begin to gain support. 

In the United States, adults over age 21 can consume cannabis as a pastime. In the United States, drug use and possession are completely decriminalized in 11 of the 50 states. This development has enabled us to legally market marijuana and related products. But that wasn't the case before.

In the past, several cannabis-related companies had suddenly lost their accounts. Marijuana users who want to communicate with consumers and experts on mobile devices have often met with opposition, including the refusal of Apple and Google app stores to sell marijuana-related applications. However, this backlash was an opportunity, and the cannabis entrepreneurs quickly built their own social networks.


What is a cannabis social network?

Social media enables companies, local pharmacies, and any other form of communication to collaborate, share, and communicate with other companies and customers. Accelerate product growth. 

Cannabis Social Network provides the latest information about the cannabis industry. In addition, like other social networking sites, it provides a platform for people in the cannabis industry to interact.

Here is the list of the best cannabis social network to look for.

1. Grasscity

Grasscity is one of the oldest cannabis-related internet networks and started as a website for cannabis producers. Later, it grew to provide a dedicated site to discuss smoking, other uses, abstinence laws, pharmacy locations, and more.

2. Leaf Wire

Leaf Wire is another cannabis business social network created specifically for professionals in the cannabis industry. It exists to help cannabis business professionals find their feet.

If you are planning to start a cannabis business or are already working in one, you probably need to register an account with Leaf Wire.

Not only can you network with many professionals, but you can also find investors for your business. And if you grow your business and account, Leaf Wire members may decide to invest in your brand.

Also, professionals who are looking for work within the industry can find recruitment at Leaf Wire.

3. WeedLife

WeedLife is a new social network. It is rapidly gaining popularity among cannabis lovers. There is a newsfeed where you can learn about the latest cannabis companies. 

You can see what others are sharing, and you can communicate in chat groups and forums. WeedLife is always upgrading its features. The company provides social media marketing functions to companies that aim to improve brand awareness and profitability.

4. Weedable

Mobile apps make it easy to connect on the go. By creating a profile, cannabis fans can deepen their interaction with each other, and online shopping is also easy. 

On Weedable, social users can follow their favorite brands, and business users can have personal connections with their customers. It also serves as an online water cooler that gathers all the latest news that affects the cannabis-loving community.

5. MassRoots

MassRoots was established as a social media network that connects students using cannabis, and among such sites, it has become one of the first sites to garner the attention of investors needed for the public offering. 

Initially, MassRoots was rejected by Apple App Store, but after the app was adjusted, it is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is true that marijuana use is only available in states where marijuana use is legal, but despite the limitations, there are now over one million users.

With this popularity, it's no wonder that pharmacies and other cannabis-related businesses have appeared on this site and app. Easy to register and advertise. Posting a dispensary on your site gives you access to customer analytics to help you coordinate marketing and promotions. MassRoots is particularly attractive among the social media platforms of the cannabis business.

It also benefits companies because it's focused on requiring review and evaluation of cannabis brands and other cannabis-related products rather than providing a place for users to interact. 

Think of the review function as something like Yelp for cannabis. They also attract customers through rewards programs that give them back through film and concert tickets and festival tickets.

Another feature that makes mass roots attractive is its privacy policy. While many social networks require contact information, MassRoots takes the trouble to protect users' privacy.

6. Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is a cannabis site equivalent to Foursquare. On this website, you can meet new people, find nice accommodation, find a head shop and even find a doctor nearby. 

Bud Hubz is free and easy to use. It's still in beta. The app offers great benefits to cannabis companies and cannabis enthusiasts around the world. 

You can choose the place you want to visit and connect with cannabis lovers who live there. You can also use this forum to teach your cannabis fans about your brand and the legal use of cannabis.

7. WeedCircles

WeedCircles is a cannabis business social network that is a branch of WeedLife Network, so you may find that the two platforms are a bit similar.

On this cannabis business social network, you can find many experts, but you can also find the same number of buyers. You can easily set your brand and start selling as a cannabis vendor.

This site has a well-established vendor load, so you can see a lot of competition. However, many people are viewing marijuana on WeedCircles, so you can earn a good amount of money.

You can also connect with customers, make new friends, connect with old friends, and connect with the cannabis industry. You can also create a cannabis group, increase its membership, and promote your products.
If you want to sell and sell your product to thousands of users, WeedCircle is a great way to achieve that.

8. Duby

Duby" is an online application for iOS/Android that provides similar functionality to Instagram, Tinder, and Twitter. It is a social media site where cannabis lovers can freely share videos and photos and interact with other cannabis lovers.

9. MJlink

MJLink is the latest cannabis sector social network designed exclusively for practitioners in the cannabis industry. This includes manufacturers, farmers, traders, distributors, retailers, and people who work in the cannabis industry.

10. CannaSOS

CannaSOS has a truly unique feature that sets it apart from other cannabis-based social media platforms.

This cannabis business social network features an extensive database of product reviews for various cannabis brands and products.

There is also detailed information such as cannabis type, THC ratio, effect, etc., and it is information that can not be seen on other cannabis business SNS.

CannaSOS is completely consumer-based. Most content on a site is created by you. There are many groups where cannabis manufacturers, sellers, growers, and testers can participate, ask questions, and get answers.

The people of CannaSOS actively try to connect with others. All cannabis questions are free to ask, so you can use them to communicate with your customers and prospects.

You can also appeal your business to hundreds of thousands of people who visit CannaSOS every month.

11. 420 Magazine Forum

If you want to connect with other marijuana entrepreneurs, there's no better place than the 420 Magazine Forum.

As the ideal platform for all marijuana lovers, you can chat with anyone.
Best of all, most people who visit the forum are laid back, so you can probably have fun discussing various topics with them.

This site is also a treasure trove of knowledge. They have a forum section on various topics, such as how to grow marijuana, photos of plants and buds, and scientific cultivation data.

12. High There

The cannabis industry has been very widespread in recent years.

Today there are professional podcasts, videos, and platforms to analyze this theme. In fact, there is even something like the Tinder of cannabis.

High There is like Tinder, but for cannabis lovers. Available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Of course, it is not necessary to catch the opponent. This platform is mainly for networking. But it also offers you the option to find love in your life.

Like other marijuana platforms, High There is a relaxing place where many cool people gather. We are sure that you can enjoy it.

Can you advertise cannabis products on regular social media platforms?

There are great cannabis-based sites and apps to promote your brand, but you might still want to improve your cannabis business on a regular social network.

Mainstream social media and networks have so many rules for posting content about "drugs" that it's hard to know what content is acceptable with these apps, especially when you're just starting your business.

It's hard to remove content, and it's even harder to close your account.

Here are four tips on how to avoid both while promoting your cannabis business on mainstream social networks.

1. Your content must be educational

When advertising cannabis products on mainstream social media, your message shouldn't be read at all like advertising your product.

I'm not sure if I can get it to work? We will explain.

Due to the limitations of many social networks, marijuana and its products are not allowed to be advertised.

Depending on how well people interact with marijuana, they may not be able to promote such services. Rather, it's only considered content that promotes the use of cannabis.

However, providing information about cannabis is not subject to such restrictions. Therefore, advertising may be allowed if there is a way to secretly advertise while providing information about cannabis.

2. Make content shareable

You've never been better at having a good organic reach when you're marketing.

Organic reach and Earned reach mean your content reaches an audience you don't pay for.

This only happens when your content is shared or reposted. It can be shared on different sites, blogs, forums, or social networks of cannabis businesses.

Your content can only be shared if it is good or serves some purpose. Therefore, you need to emphasize that you produce excellent content that resonates with readers.

This allows your content, messages, and products to reach your target audience without you having to lift your finger or spend a cent on marketing.

3. Creating a Community

People often take a terrible look at the social media promotion of cannabis. The goal is not just to sell the product, but to sell the story.

Given that paid promotions are not available, we need to find a way to avoid this problem. To provide a network, not cannabis.

It's best to create a community that's a topic of conversation. The process of marijuana legalization is going well, but that doesn't mean that plants are fully sanctioned.

When buying marijuana in most countries, you still need to be very careful. For this reason, people connect in other ways to avoid law enforcement.

We're not saying that you should do something illegal. But instead, I recommend creating channels that allow people to reach people with equal ideas.

To do this, it's best to create a Facebook group or to encourage communication with your Twitter peers.

4. gain a cannabis influencer

Social media influencers can be a great help in promoting your content.

However, not all influencers are qualified to promote cannabis-related content. Some requirements must be met before a transaction can be closed.

First, the influencer must already have your target audience as followers and friends. If not, they will not be able to afford it or advertise your content to an audience who may not need it.

Next, influencers must be aware of the social media platform's policies regarding cannabis-related content. This is because influencers can create as many promotional materials as they like, but if they are deleted, nothing will change.

Finally, influencers should know the rules for publishing enterprise content. More importantly, we understand the law regarding the disclosure of important connections.

This law requires that if an influencer is rewarded for publishing content for a company, that important connection must be disclosed to the posted content.

3 Types of ideal social media content

Not all types of cannabis content will succeed. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing the right method.

If you want to increase your cannabis followers quickly, here are some of the best content types to create to attract new people.

1. Blog Posts

In any case, blog posts are always at the top.

Blog posts can be expressed in any way you like. You are not restricted by social networks or external forum rules.

I'll mainly talk about articles posted on the website, but guest posts have some traction.

When it comes to marijuana, I can write almost anything.

Explanations of cultivation, stories of various strains, future of the industry, new products, and exciting products.

Of course, you can do something out of the ordinary, or you can do something strange. But in the end, most cannabis users are relaxed by nature, so they will appreciate any type of content that is educational or interesting.

2. Podcast

The podcast has swept the Internet.

It is an ideal alternative to conventional radio. And instead of being forced to listen to different themes, you just have to choose your favorite podcast for the theme you are interested in.

Although many people listen to the song when they are at work or during their leisure time, many listen to it to relieve the fatigue of a long day.

Cannabis podcasts can focus on a variety of topics, not just cannabis.
It's even more effective because you can embed podcasts on various platforms, your blog, and social media.

3. Video

As one of the leading media of the 21st century, the video must also be listed.

Most videos are posted on YouTube and embedded in the appropriate blogs.

Creating a marijuana video is a bit tricky. But if you want, you can create something that talks about a particular theme with a concept similar to the podcast.

If you're young and hip, you can host your own shows. 

However, connecting with the target audience is essential, and even if many people think this is great, only a handful of them will survive.

Given that marijuana has long been part of pop culture, we can make a variety of interesting videos with this theme.

For example, you can make the most interesting marijuana scene in the movie, or a compilation of famous people who got high on a TV show.
It's just creative no matter what your audience wants from you.


Marketing is essential to any business.

The limitation to the cannabis business is difficult to harness the power of social media to win the competition.

Thankfully, there are other means and platforms to do so, and we have the best of those listed here.

There is a way to use mainstream social media, but it is a more complicated means. But whatever method you choose, you can strengthen your cannabis business on social networks.

Try all the cannabis business social networks on our list and share your experience in the comments below.

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