31+ Low Investment High Profit Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad, India in 2023

Low Investment High-Profit Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad in 2023


Hyderabad is the fourth largest credit center in the country, contributing the most to income such as GDP and tax in India's Telangana state. From small teahouses to large Indian companies, Hyderabad is a center of business activity.

Moreover, Hyderabad is a famous tourist destination. There are world-famous landmarks and historic buildings, and you can see wonderful relics of various architectural styles. It is a city of literature, art, handicrafts, pearls, jewelry, music, film, and above all food, inheriting a rich culture.

There are many business ideas in this city, but it is not easy to establish a business here. You need a unique and profitable business idea with a reasonable growth rate.

Hyderabad is a place where many businesses open every day with a unique concept. In this article, I'd like to talk about which unique and profitable business idea is good to start in Hyderabad, India, and also how small businesses in Hyderabad should do their best.

Here is the list of the best profitable businesses to start in Hyderabad with low investment.

1. Wedding Planners & Photography Ideas  For Hyderabad


It is a well-known fact that Indians are often married. The business of wedding planning can prove to be very lucrative. It is fashion, decoration, style, color, and food, namely almost all the latest developments in the sun.

In addition, you need to fully understand and at the same time balance the customer's requirements and budget. With a little skill in photography, you can add more money to your business. If you need cash to pay for a photo classroom, you can find a title loan online to cover these costs.

2. Car Rental Business


Hyderabad has many IT companies. They are always looking for the cars they need on a daily basis. Car rental can be a thriving business in Hyderabad.

3. Sell Customized Gifts


India is a vibrant country celebrating various festivals. People send gifts on various occasions, but nothing beats adding a little touch of personalization.

You can start an online gift store with unique products that can be customized to your needs, such as flowers, cards, gift boxes, and apparel.

These print-on-demand companies help you create customized products for your customers.

4. Start a Restaurant


There are many restaurants in the city, but there is still plenty of room for new restaurants to make money. The theme-based restaurant could become a profitable business venture in the city of Hyderabad.

5. Catering Business


Parties are always looking for good catering services. Also, the festivals in India are rich and numerous.

If you're good at providing delicious food and catering services, this could be a good business idea. There is a potential to expand from a small low-investment business to a large catering company.

Before you go on to explain the next idea, it might be good to make a passive income with a questionnaire app such as PrizeRebel or SurveyJunkie. By inviting your friends to do this fun, you will also get funding for your next business venture.

6. Apparel Boutique


Apparel is an eternal business. There are many different types of clothing, including menswear, ladies' wear, kids' wear, and newborn clothes.

You don't have to stock up on a season-by-season lineup; you just have to start a small shop that handles apparel with unique design inspiration and quality.

The online store can update the products on sale at any time and promote the links on WhatsApp and other social media.

7. Private tutoring


As a tutor, I can teach anything I am good at, including math, music, English, French, and Spanish. You can also take online or offline classes and bill your small business for hourly pay.

8. Tailoring Business


Tailor Business is a very profitable business idea. If you have mastered tailoring techniques, you can start a business with just one sewing machine and expand to a larger tailoring company while hiring a tailer as an employee.

9. Food Truck


Naturally, people like to eat whatever the economic situation. And the people of Hyderabad are gluttonous.

Therefore, owning a restaurant or restaurant is one of the most successful and advantageous business ideas. In addition, if your restaurant is mobile, you can target different customers by moving around the city.

10. Poultry Business For Hyderabad


To do poultry farming, you need land, capital and equipment. However, you can start with a small capital and expand your business to a large poultry farm.

11. Digital Marketing Agency


If you're experienced in the field of digital marketing, it's worth considering setting up a digital marketing company in the city. There are many technical companies, so it's not that hard to get clients.

12. Tour Planner


Hyderabad's streets and surroundings are home to a number of high-profile tourist attractions. You can earn good money as a tour planner by exploring and creating innovative travel packages.

13. Real Estate Agency


The future of Hyderabad's estate is a promise. The demand for real estate is currently increasing. If you have good communication skills, starting a real estate company in Hyderabad is worth considering.

14. Provide Electronics Maintenance & Repair Services


Mobile phones, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other household appliances have been and will continue to break down. Of course, no one likes to buy new items if they can repair old ones at reasonable prices.

This is a growth area, and if you have the expertise you need, you can start providing these services right away. As demand increases, we can gather a team of individuals who can do the repair work.

15. Become a Wedding Planner


In particular, the market for wedding plans has been booming for the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue in the near future.

The beautiful architecture of Nizami, rich in history and culture, attracts people to the destination wedding in Hyderabad. Therefore, the market size of the wedding planner in Hyderabad is quite large.

16. Start a Bakery & Confectionery Store


Hyderabad is famous for its carachi bakeries. It goes without saying that the people of Hyderabad love baked goods. If you like bread making, this is a business you can start right away.

The good news is that customers like to try new bakeries and various new products. So, if you are an innovator, you can build a business that will never run out of demand.

17. Start a Jewelry & Gemstones Boutique


"Diamond is a woman's best friend! I think you've heard the phrase, "How can I help you?"

So you know what we want to say!

Think of a store where you can find the best jewelry designs with a variety of gems and crystals. It would be like Disneyland for women.

If you would rather start a jewelry business online, your online store can host a catalog of all your latest designs with relevant details and descriptions. This, combined with an aesthetic theme and a storefront, will boost your sales.

18. Start a Bookstore


Even though e-book readers are now available on the market, some consumers prefer the traditional experience of reading books. They prefer the smell of paper or printed matter.

Whether it's a new book or an old one, you can start a bookstore with a unique collection. You can also make the interior of the shop a cozy cafe so that people can enjoy coffee with their favorite books.

19. Start an Office Design Agency


From food stores to manufacturing, Hyderabad is full of business activities. Hyderabad-based start-ups are also in that way. Almost every business needs a designer.

Designing office space is a niche in interior design. However, unlike housing design, designing an office space requires some knowledge about formal floor plans and decor so as not to disturb people.

20. Start Holiday Rentals


People are always looking for safe and hygienic stays that provide privacy and comfort when they are out on holiday.

If you own an estate or know who can lease such an estate, you can start a holiday rental business in Hyderabad.

It is an asset-light business where you can just monitor the maintenance of the property. Start by listing your properties on the online services website or app, and then spread your rental properties.

21. Make and Sell Fruit Jams


Making jam is the easiest thing to do, and if you can make it into a business, why not?

The jams on the market contain chemicals and preservatives. Jam is something that kids like, so parents are becoming more aware of it.

You can make fruit-based jams using local ingredients and no preservatives. This will quickly become a hit between both parents and children.

22. Sell Disposable Paper Cups & Plates


As cities consciously move towards a clean and environmentally friendly space, the need for disposable paper products has dramatically increased.

Restaurants, juice corners, food trucks, and even fast food stalls are breaking away from the use of plastic products. They serve food on paper plates and use paper straws instead of plastic in their juice corner.

Start this business by finding a supplier of single-use products. Start an online store and make sure you can sell a single item or a large quantity.

23. Start Poultry, Meat & Seafood Store

If you have a vacant lot near the city, consider opening a chicken farm. There is a big demand for poultry products in Hyderabad. Running a poultry farm requires a lot of money, but the return on investment will be fast.

24. Provide Shifting Services (Packers And Movers)

Hyderabad is a place where many people move to find new opportunities. Because it is a growing city, many people from small towns come to this city for work, education, and business.

When people change jobs or cities, they move luggage together. Packing and moving services are always evolving businesses. In most cases, the service is referred to by word of mouth.

But if you have great customer feedback, you can get more leads by posting it on the online store page. Online presence may be a breakthrough for your business.

25. Hand-Made Crafts Shop

Hyderabad is famous for its handicrafts. You can own a handicraft business that can target local customers and tourists.

26. Grocery Delivery Service

People nowadays, especially in urban areas, do not have time. The business of delivering groceries to the doorstep is very popular among customers because it is convenient and time-saving.

You can also sponsor and collaborate with a variety of companies to generate more revenue.

27. Bed & Breakfast

The business concept of bed and breakfast is mainly the concept of western accommodation. While the owner stays on the same premises, it essentially offers luxury homestay facilities to travelers. Hyderabad can be a good profitable business idea for Hyderabad. Read our detailed guide to getting started with Bed & Breakfast business to learn more.

28. Sweet Shop

The food business is the most profitable. Sweets are popular sweets in Hyderabad, this may be a good business idea. But you will face a lot of competition.

29. Antique Dealing/Business

The city of Hyderabad is famous for its antique clothing. Starting a business like this is a luxurious business and requires a lot of investment. Antique dealers need an eye for experience and product identification.

30. Jewelry, Stones & Gems Business

You may not have enough cash to invest in a physical jewelry store, but with a little exploration of the local market, you can get into big business. Go to a local jewelry store and talk about becoming their affiliate, by which you sell their products and in each sale, you get commissions. Get a bunch of gems on board, build a website with your own brand name and sell third-party jewelry online.

It's always good to have your own package, but if it doesn't seem to be a benefit, at first you can even opt for dropshipping from jewelry

31. Pharmacy

A specific license may be required to establish a pharmacy. Starting this business requires a lot of investment and there is a lot of competition in the market.

32. Website Designing

Today's Internet is widely used for business, online marketing, freelancing, and online trading. The field of web development is growing and thriving globally.

As the web becomes more accessible, website designers are increasingly in demand. It's a career-based profitable business idea that financially you can stand out from others.

The investment must be carefully made and a well-thought-out decision. We can help you prepare all your investment documents quickly, focusing on your investment strategy. Download it now and start preparing your documents without spending money. Now is the time to get a free investment model and start making smarter investment decisions

How to Start a Business in Hyderabad?

If you want to start a legitimate business in Hyderabad, you need to go through a certain process. The following is a list of those essential steps...

  1. Select a Business Idea.
  2. Research the Local Market of Hyderabad.
  3. Get trained and understand how the business works.
  4. Create a business project plan.
  5. Choose a proper location if the business is not home-based.
  6. Register your company – for beginners, sole proprietorship and LLP are two good options.
  7. Get appropriate licenses and permits from local authorities.
  8. Arrange funds, if required.
  9. Apply for PAN.
  10. Register for taxes.
  11. Promote your business.
If you are a foreigner and you want to set up a business in Hyderabad, the rules are different. The regulation is governed by the Foreign Exchange and Currency Act (FEMA), which is under the control of the Reserve Bank of India.


Above all the Low Investment High Profit Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad in 2023 are prepared with well researched and Don't forget that in any business, you need dedication and proper planning to succeed. We hope that this list of business ideas for emerging entrepreneurs will inspire you to start up and fulfill your dreams.

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