List of Top 10 Best Software Development Company in Punjab 2023

The List of the top 10 best Software development companies in Punjab is based on the total revenue and Market capitalization of the company. In today's world, presence on the web is essential for all businesses.

Every business needs a website or Mobile Application that can showcase its services, products, and more accurate categories they offer. Businesses can provide all the details related to their business through websites and mobile applications. 

For the best website or mobile Application, you need to choose the best Software development company that can understand your need and provide the services that you want.

According to statistics, India has highly skilled developers familiar with the latest technologies and trends and The Indian web development company can convert recognized ideas into attractive and original websites for global business. 

That is the reason Finding the Best software development companies in Punjab is most difficult in 2023 so to make your work easier our team prepared a list of the top 10 best software development companies in Punjab in 2023 by revenue and market capitalization.

List of Top 10 Software Development Companies in Punjab 2023


Here is the list of the top 10 best software development companies in Punjab 2023

1. Hidden Web Solutions

When it comes to the best software development companies in Punjab Hidden web solution is in the top position. Hidden Web Solution is the backbone of an IT company that provides custom software for your business requirements. 

Their application developers thoroughly understand your application requirements, prepare the architecture, develop, test, and finally implement it. They rely on industry-standard software development practices to rigorously test applications to ensure flawless delivery. 

They offer better input to their respected clients based on their extensive experience rather than doing the coding. They can understand all of your business needs and their importance and they don't want you to lose your trust and confidence in them.

The total revenue of the Hidden Web Solution is around $5 Million. it is the most popular and trusted software development company in Punjab and it is ranked first poison on our list of the best software companies in Punjab in 2023.

Their services include:

  • MLM Software
  • E-commerce Portals
  • Web Portals
  • HR Management System
  • Custom software etc.

CEO - Rajeev Sharma
Revenue - $5 Million 
Address - Mohali (Punjab)

2. 7HORSE Software Development Company

Based in Mohali, Punjab 7horse software development is a trusted and active organization focused on mobile application and software development (android and iPhone), web-based enterprise solutions, web applications, e-commerce, and portal development services for clients around the world.

With the help of experience, expertise, and knowledge of different industry domains, they offer customers a complete end-to-end solution. They build web applications according to client-specific requirements.

7hours is an experienced, highly qualified pool of professionals from renowned technical and administrative agencies and domain experts from industry, academic and administrative backgrounds, their global software outsourcing model ensures that they provide their clients with the maximum target results. 

Their services are:

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Design
  • Logo & Branding
  • Clean Coding
CEO - A.
Revenue - $100k
Address - Mohali 160061 (Punjab)

3. Applify boasts

Applify operates on three continents and is supported by five offices around the world, boasting an award-winning digital boutique in major cities around the world. 

They have practical experience across multiple technologies for ios and android and are well-trained professionals who can also work on products for wearable technologies like the apple watch. The company's mobile solutions are custom-made and customized to meet your project needs.

The company is not just an outsourced developer of mobile apps. Project managers, top developers, gifted designers, marketing leaders, and more.

Their services are:

  • Mobile App Development 
  • Project
  • Gifted Designers
  • Marketing
CEO - Mr. Ojus Sharma
Revenue - $4.6 Million
Address - Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055

4. Webacer Software

WebAcer software is a leading provider of web design, web development, internet marketing, and software development with a proven track record of providing mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized websites to domestic and international clients. 

Recognized as industry leaders, they design and develop websites that help them maximize leads, conversions, and revenues and provide competitiveness.

WebAcer software specializes in the rapid custom development of web-based, distributed, and stand-alone applications designed to meet client-specific requirements and business needs. 

They follow proven practices to successfully complete the project and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. From individuals to the world's largest corporations, we have a wide range of clients.

Their services are:

  • Android Application Development
  • Desktop Applications Development
  • Custom Application Development Services
  • Mobile application development
  • Payroll Management Systems
CEO - Yogita Thakur
Revenue - $4.3 Million
Address - Mohali, Punjab India – 160055

5. Techgrow Software Private Limited

Techgrow software is a leading software development company in Punjab, that assists clients globally with their capabilities and rich experience. Time constraints and effective costs are the 2 main aspects that we always keep in mind while intact with our clients. 

We put our client’s thinking into reality by using the latest technology and tools. Their solutions will help you in organizing your business in a well professional manner with ease of use and ineffective cost.

Techgrow software is the leading software development company having a broad team of professional developers, which assist clients all over the world with their capabilities and experience. The Techgrow team has sound experience in developing software like:

  • Online test
  • billing service
  • Security management software
  • construction company software
  • Recruitment software
  • PayPal software, etc.

CEO - Deepak Sharma
Revenue - $5 Million
Address - Punjab

6. Alpha Net Technologies Pvt Ltd

Alpha Net Technologies Pvt Ltd is a trusted Software company in Punjab. The company developed many applications and websites for small and big companies.

For its great performance company received many awards from many stages. the companies growth increase day by day.

Alpha Net Technologies Pvt Ltd is the leading software development company with a broad team of professional developers, which assist clients worldwide with their capabilities and experience.

Their services are:

  • Mobile App Development 
  • software development
  • Web development

CEO - Anantjit Singh Sahni
Revenue - $4.4 Million
Address - Punjab

7. LBM Solutions Pvt Ltd

LBM Solutions has been an IT service provider since 2016. In today's digital world, everyone needs the perfect IT solution for their business. LBM Solutions is a one-stop solution for all IT requirements with its expertise in relevant areas. it skilled professionals are dedicated enough to provide high-quality services in a given time frame.

the company's duty is to introduce your online presence in an innovative and attractive way to let your target audience know your business and brand which will lead to generating sales and profits for you later. 

Its work strategy involves a proper understanding of client requirements that are only possible through regular communication and coordination, and its technical experts believe in building relationships with its clients, so we should have comfort and great bonding between us to get in touch with them to understand their exact requirements.

the company's motto is to be the reason for all the success and profit online our customers get in their business. its way of working is transparent and it is what our clients love most about us.

Their services are:

  • Website Design and Development
  • App Development
  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logo Design
CEO - Rampawan Kumar
Revenue - $4.33 Million
Address - Punjab

8. Bansal Infocom

Bansal is an Indian-based software company that provides quality services and the company has many clients all over India. the headquarter of the company is in Punjab. 

the company has more than 300+ employees and all the employees are working hard for the company's growth. 

Their services are:

  • Website Design and Development
  • App Development
  • Software Development
  • Logo Design

CEO - Sumit Bansal
Revenue - $4.11 Million
Address - Punjab

9. Cms Technologies Private Limited

Cms Technologies Private Limited is also an Indian well-known Software company that provides software services the company has more than 300+ employees and every year company grows its company revenue high.

the customer services of the company are very attractive and the growth is also very high. the company offers 

Their services are:
  • Billing service
  • Security management software
  • Inventory management software
  • construction company software
  • School/College ERP software
CEO - Anuj Vaid
Revenue - $3.98 Million
Address - Punjab

10. Carat Media Services India Pvt Ltd

Carat Media Services India Pvt Ltd provides software solution services in India, especially in Punjab. The company has more than 324+ dedicated employees who provide great services. 

Their services are:

  • MLM Software
  • E-commerce Portals
  • Web Portals
CEO - Anita Kotwani
Revenue - $3.88 Million
Address - Punjab


So, the top list of Punjab software development companies mentioned above is the best software development company that meets your expectations and provides you with the ranking, conversion rate, and ROI you expect. 

We hope you have provided the best information on the top list of Punjab software development companies. Now you can choose one of them and dominate the Internet world. 

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