List Of Top 10 IT Companies in Kolkata in 2023 by Revenue and Market Capitalization

Top 10 IT Companies in Kolkata

The list of top IT companies in Kolkata is based on the total revenue and the total market capitalization. Here in this article, we discuss top 10 IT companies in Kolkata. IT companies are playing the most crucial role in the state's economic growth and in the field of the IT industry of Kolkata.

The IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Capgemini and Accenture have many strong availabilities in Kolkata and If you want to invest or find jobs in the top IT companies in Kolkata it is the best article for you.

Kolkata has been a key IT outsourcing location in eastern India during the last few years. Technology is increasingly playing a larger role in driving innovation and propelling the globe forward. Kolkata is known as Eastern India’s IT capital.

List Of Top 10 IT Companies in Kolkata in 2023 by Revenue and Market Capitalization

Top 10 IT companies in Kolkata

Here is the list of the top 10 IT companies in Kolkata by Revenue and Market Capitalization

1. IBM India Pvt Ltd 


IBM stands for International Business Machine, a USA-based Multinational company that designs and manufactures computers, software and other tech gadgets. USA-based headquarter IBM is the world's largest IT company. 

Systems, software and services are the main categories for this company. The company provides its services in more than 170 countries also in Kolkata. the company has 3 branches in Kolkata. Most of the employees of IBM are found in Kolkata.

IBM continuously works on blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, automation, Cloud computing, data analytics, security, and supply chain management, among other things.

Revenue:- $75.79 Billion
Market Cap:- $115.79 Billion
Employees:- 200,000

2. Tata Consultancy Services


TCS is the leading Indian IT company and the second most valuable company in the world. TCS was founded in 1968 to provide punch card services to tata steel but today it is one of the most successful IT companies in the world by its revenue and market cap.

The company has 4 branches in Kolkata which is the reason TCS has a huge presence in Kolkata. TCS provides IT, Business & Consulting services and Digital transformations to the world’s largest businesses.

There are 6,16,761 employees working for TCS. The company's total revenue is Rs1,96,772 Cr. (US$26 billion, 2022) and it placed top on our list of top 10 IT companies in Kolkata.

CEO:- Rajesh Gopinathan
Revenue:- Rs 1,96,772 Cr.
Employees:- 616,171

3. Accenture


Among the many IT companies in Kolkata, another workplace that has made it too high is Accenture. Accenture is an Irish-based IT firm that specializes in professional business consulting, process management, business problem solving, and other IT services.

Accenture offers its employees an open-door policy that fosters a positive work atmosphere among its workers. They have many research labs to focus on upgrading technologies. They also provide pick-up and drop-off services for their employees, which distinguishes them from other IT firms in Kolkata.

Accenture was ranked at 166th position on the Forbes Global 2000 and was ranked 2nd position for Diversity by DiversityInc. It was appreciated by Fortune Magazine in 2021 as the world’s most admired IT Services company.

CEO:- Julie Sweet
Revenue:- 5,053 crores USD (2021)
Employees:- 674,799

4. Cognizant


Cognizant is one of the leading American-based IT companies which provide tech consulting, systems integration, application development and maintenance, IT infrastructure services, analytics, etc.

Founded in 1994, cognizant has 5 branches in Kolkata and their main focus is on Business and Technology Consulting, Complex Systems Integration, Application Development and Maintenance, Web Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, CRM and social CRM, Supply Chain Management, Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions.

Every year cognizant hire many freshers in Kolkata and also all over India. The company's total revenue is $18.49 Billion and the market cap is $34.79 Billion which is the reason it is listed in the second position on our list of top 10 IT companies in Kolkata.

CEO:- Julie Sweet 
Revenue:- $61.66 (2022)
Employees:- 721,000

5. Wipro


Wipro is one of the leading IT companies in India and When it comes to IT companies in Kolkata, the fifth relates to Wipro. Wipro (formerly, Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited ) is a leading global information technology consulting and business process services company.

Wipro began as a product manufacturing company and is currently regarded as Kolkata’s greatest IT firm. The company has more than 1,89,000 employees and provides its IT services in 70 different countries.

CEO:- Thierry Delaporte 
Revenue:- $11 billion
Employees:- 1,89,000

6. Capgemini


Capgemini is a multinational IT company based in Paris, France and in Kolkata that employs mechanical and IT engineers in more than 50 countries.

It is a leader in IT services providing consulting, outsourcing, etc., which is driven by more than 1,90,500+ employees globally.

There are many good qualities of the company but there is only one bad quality which is bringing this company to number six for long working hours and low salary packages as compared to other IT companies in Kolkata.

CEO:- Aiman Ezzat
Revenue:- 1,584 crores EUR (2020)
Employees:-  3,00,000 (2022)

7. Tech Mahindra

Tech mahendra

When it comes to top IT companies in Kolkata, Tech Mahendra comes to the seventh position on the list. Tech Mahindra Limited is a Mahindra Group subsidiary, providing Information Technology services and Business Process Outsourcing. 

Other Top Indian IT Companies have clients from mainly the USA; however, Tech Mahindra’s primary client bases are in Europe and/UK.

There are 1,40,000 Employees working for Tech Mahendra and also every year Tech Mahendra hires many students from their selection process.

CEO:- C.P. Gurnani
Headquarters:- Pune, Maharashtra, India
Revenue:- Rs 38 640.10 Cr.

8. Mindtree


Mindtree is one of the best new-age Indian software companies that create working on Digital Transformation projects earlier than some of India’s biggest software companies.

L&T Group acquired Mindtree however works as a separate entity as compared to an expectation of merging it with Larson and Toubro Infotech (Another software subsidiary of the L&T group).

The company is a global technology consulting and services company and gives the best services for e-commerce, mobile applications, data analytics & enterprise application integration.

CEO: Debashis Chatterjee
Revenue: Rs 7,839.90 Cr.
Employees: 21,991

9. HCL Technologies Limited

HCL Technologies Limited

HCL Technologies is one of the top Indian software companies in India. 6 engineers, led by Shiv Nadar, would create a company that makes personal commercial computers, and on 11 August 1976, the company was started as Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL)

HCL is a leading global IT services and consulting company that helps global enterprises of re-imagine and transforms their businesses through Digital technology transformation.

HCL has over 150,000 employees and a total Market Cap of 257,933 Cr. HCL is the 3rd-largest Indian top Software company.

CEO: C Vijayakumar 
Revenue: Rs 71,265 Cr.
Employees: 150,000

10. Deloitte


Next to HCL, Deloitte is another accounting cum IT company in Kolkata. It is one of the largest privately-owned professional service-providing companies in terms of revenue as well as employability.

The major workforce of the company is dominated by commerce and finance graduates but there are still there job opportunities available for IT grads as well.

As a fresher, you can expect a salary of 4-8 lakhs per annum at Deloitte.

CEO: Punit Renjen 
Headquarters: London, England, UK
Revenue: 5,020 crores USD (2021)
Employees: 90,000+

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